<strong>TriAnkle attends the third edition of the Articulating Sport congress</strong>

For the third consecutive year, the European project TriAnkle is once again present at the sports medicine congress Articulating Sport, organized by OAFI and held between March 8th and 10th in Madrid. It is a multidisciplinary event aimed at professional and amateur athletes, health professionals, patients and industry, in which topics such as safe sports […]

Understanding the perspectives and needs of the patient with Achilles tendinopathy is essential to assess the appropriate treatment

The scientific journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders publishes in December 2022 a study on musculoskeletal pathologies that includes the first systematic review focused on the quality of life of patients with Achilles tendinopathy (Verges J., Martínez N., Pascual A. et al. Psychosocial and individual factors affecting Quality of Life (QoL) in patients suffering from Achilles tendinopathy: […]

TriAnkle, also on the radio airwaves

The TriAnkle project has been the protagonist of several spaces of the radio station of Osteoarthritis Foundation International (OAFI). Nina Martínez, head of R&D at OAFI, addressed the TriAnkle project on two occasions explaining its objectives in the recovery of affected tissues in patients with tendinopathies thanks to the 3D bioprinting of personalized collagen scaffolds. […]

6th International Congress of Osteoarthritis Patients: “Move against osteoarthritis”

The Axa auditorium in Barcelona hosted last October the 6th International Congress of Patients with Osteoarthritis, organized by Osteoarthritis Foundation Interational (OAFI).The event was based on an extensive program full of conferences, master classes and practical workshops around the slogan “Move against osteoarthritis”.One of the round tables discussion of the congress focused on the European […]

TriAnkle, at the XIV edition of Innovation Forum Medizintechnik

The German city of Tuttlingen held in October the XIV edition of Innovation Forum Medizintechnik, an event for the medical device industry where the latest developments in technologies, materials, methods and processes were known as well as complex issues such as regulations were discussed. In this context, Pinar Koca M. from the University of Stuttgart, […]

TriAnkle, at the NanoBio&Med 2022 International Congress

The European project TriAnkle has been presented at the NanoBio&Med 2022 International Congress held in November in Barcelona.                                                                          NanoBio&Med2022 […]

Biomaterials and regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine has meant an important change in the way of approaching medical interventions since it is not only capable of healing an ailment but can also return the affected area to conditions prior to the damage. The multidisciplinary work of doctors, scientists, biomedical engineers and biologists is making it possible to understand the complex […]

How to cure a tendinopathy? Diagnosis and treatment

Some factors such as the difficulty of directly observing a tendinopathy complicate the patient’s recovery process. Today there are two alternatives offered by medicine to be able to know in detail what happens inside an injury. On the one hand, there is medical imaging technology, with tests such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or ultrasound […]

Regulatory seminar on advanced additive manufacturing solutions for healthcare applications

On June 21st, 2022, Viscofan Bioengineering organized a regulatory seminar on advanced additive manufacturing solutions for healthcare applications. The participating European projects were: Admaiora, Brave, Giotto, Inkplant and Triankle. The seminar dealt with the fundamentals and main regulatory frameworks relevant to new developments using 3D printing technologies: from personalized medical devices to combine advanced therapies […]

TriAnkle: personalized regenerative medicine

An article published on the Barça Innovation Hub website highlights the importance of having different medical solutions to be able to respond to the specific needs of each patient with an ankle injury. Although today there is a trend towards surgery, the age and physical condition of the patient are decisive. For a young, athletic […]