How to cure a tendinopathy? Diagnosis and treatment

Some factors such as the difficulty of directly observing a tendinopathy complicate the patient’s recovery process. Today there are two alternatives offered by medicine to be able to know in detail what happens inside an injury. On the one hand, there is medical imaging technology, with tests such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or ultrasound […]

Regulatory seminar on advanced additive manufacturing solutions for healthcare applications

On June 21st, 2022, Viscofan Bioengineering organized a regulatory seminar on advanced additive manufacturing solutions for healthcare applications. The participating European projects were: Admaiora, Brave, Giotto, Inkplant and Triankle. The seminar dealt with the fundamentals and main regulatory frameworks relevant to new developments using 3D printing technologies: from personalized medical devices to combine advanced therapies […]

TriAnkle: personalized regenerative medicine

An article published on the Barça Innovation Hub website highlights the importance of having different medical solutions to be able to respond to the specific needs of each patient with an ankle injury. Although today there is a trend towards surgery, the age and physical condition of the patient are decisive. For a young, athletic […]

Barça Innovation Hub website includes an article about TriAnkle

“Triankle project: 3D printing of personalized implants for tendons and cartilages in ankle injuries” is the headline with which Barça Innovation Hub presents the European Project TriAnkle in an article published on its website. The writing explains how with collagen and gelatin can be manufactured, through 3D printing, personalized implants that solve the regenerative needs […]

TriAnkle at InPrint Munich

On March 17th, InPrint Munich, an international exhibition of printing technology for industrial manufacturing, hosted the presentation by Dr Achim Weber, deputy head of the Innovation Field Functional Surfaces and Materials of Fraunhofer Institute: “Liquid handling and 3D bioprinting using chemically modified biopolymers“. Weber took advantage of the context of 3D bioprinting technology to present the […]

TriAnkle at the n-TRACK open day workshop 2022

On March 14th the European project n-TRACK organized a conference on NanoImaging of stem cells – advances and applications. An interesting session to know more about the partners that collaborate on the project, the technologies related to nanomaterials in biomedical applications that are being developed, as well as the results of the project. Among n-TRACK’s […]

TriAnkle at the Articulating Sport Symposium

The European project TriAnkle is presented at the second edition of the Symposium Articulating Sport held from March 9th to 11th at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee in Madrid. This medical-sports meeting, which is organized by the Osteoarthritis Foundation International (OAFI), with the collaboration of the Medical Services and the Atlético de Madrid […]

Presentation of the TriAnkle project at the 5th OAFI Osteoarthritis Patients World Congress

TriAnkle has been presented at the 5th OAFI Osteoarthritis Patients World held at the Axa Auditorium in Barcelona on October 14th and 15th. The event, organized by Osteoarthritis Foundation International (OAFI), has already become a benchmark in the field of medicine and more specifically in the specialty of rheumatology. It brings together the most important […]

The scientific publication Apunts Sports Medicine includes an article about TriAnkle

Apunts Sports Medicine, a scientific journal dedicated to sports medicine, has published an article about the TriAnkle project. Its author Dr. Lluis Quintana, Corporate Manager Viscofan BioEngineering, presents TriAnkle as an innovative medical application that aims to improve the junctions and cartilages (and therefore, the overall movement) of the ankle by introducing a tailored, 3D […]

TriAnkle at the M3d+it 2021 congress

The TriAnkle project is presented at the IV edition of the M3d+it (Medical 3d-printing and Innovative Technologies) congress, held on December 2nd and 3rd online. It is a platform of great interest for the scientific and industrial community that promotes 3D printing in medicine and brings together health professionals, doctors, researchers and companies in the […]