Lluis Quintana, coordinator of the TriAnkle project: “We are considering 3D printing combined with growth factors that promote regeneration, including stem cells of adipose origin”

IM Médico, the digital media of reference among professionals and specialists in the area of health, has published an article on TriAnkle, in which the project is presented as a solution to the orthopaedic clinic with which to improve the quality of life of patients with tendinopathy.  The regenerative therapy developed by TriAnkle is an […]

TriAnkle holds successful first Open Exploitation and Innovation Workshop

On January 23rd, the European project TriAnkle held its first Open Exploitation and Innovation Workshop, organised by Cambridge Nanomaterials Techonology.After the opening of the event, moderated by Bojan Boskovic, CEO of Cambridge Nanomaterials Techonology, Dr. Lluis Quintana, Corporate Director of Viscofan BioEngineering and coordinator of the TriAnkle project, explained how this regenerative medicine project is […]

Cambridge Independent publishes article on TriAnkle project

The Cambridge Independent online newspaper has published an article explaining the benefits of the European TriAnkle project as a regenerative therapy to improve the quality of life of patients with tendinopathies. The collaborative research project is developing customised 3D bioprinted implants based on collagen and gelatine that can heal cartilage injuries and tendon ruptures. On […]

7th International Congress of Osteoarthritis Patients: “The pain doesn’t stop us”

Last October, the Axa Auditorium in Barcelona once again hosted the 7th International Congress of Osteoarthritis Patients, organised by OAFI. The event was based on an extensive programme of lectures, master classes and practical workshops under the slogan “The pain doesn’t stop us”. One of the congress presentations focused on the European Triankle project, 3D […]

Tissue regeneration by bioprinting, a promising therapy for osteoarthritis patients

In the last decade, printing with biocompatible materials, also called bioprinting, has become particularly relevant in the area of tissue regeneration research.In the specific case of osteoarthritis patients, this technology offers the possibility of creating customized solutions, from the production of personalized implants to the development of living tissue substitutes. This is precisely the aim […]

Application of 3D printing technology in personalised therapies

3D printing technology consists in printing products layer by layer, depositing the materials according to the digital model designed by the computer design software. One of the characteristics of this technique is its precision, allowing the personalisation of the final product. In the medical sector, the application of this technology is very advantageous not only […]

TriAnkle, at the SEMDOR congress

Nina Martínez, head of R+D at OAFI, has presented a poster about the TriAnkle project at the third edition of the SEMDOR congress, held in June in Seville. Organized by the Spanish Multidisciplinary Society of Pain, this congress brings together scientific experts in pain, as well as other health specialists interested in pain issues. Under […]

TriAnkle, in Termis 2023

Sandra Ruiz Alonso, PhD student in NanoBioCel group (UPV-EHU), disseminates the TriAnkle Project among the audience attending the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) European Chapter Meeting 2023 through the scientific poster entitled “3D Printing Technology in tendon tissue regeneration: scaffolds for tissue reinforcement and growth factor delivery“. This poster explains the incorporation […]

<strong>TriAnkle attends the third edition of the Articulating Sport congress</strong>

For the third consecutive year, the European project TriAnkle is once again present at the sports medicine congress Articulating Sport, organized by OAFI and held between March 8th and 10th in Madrid. It is a multidisciplinary event aimed at professional and amateur athletes, health professionals, patients and industry, in which topics such as safe sports […]