Lluis Quintana, coordinator of the TriAnkle project: “We are considering 3D printing combined with growth factors that promote regeneration, including stem cells of adipose origin”

IM Médico, the digital media of reference among professionals and specialists in the area of health, has published an article on TriAnkle, in which the project is presented as a solution to the orthopaedic clinic with which to improve the quality of life of patients with tendinopathy.  The regenerative therapy developed by TriAnkle is an […]

Tissue regeneration by bioprinting, a promising therapy for osteoarthritis patients

In the last decade, printing with biocompatible materials, also called bioprinting, has become particularly relevant in the area of tissue regeneration research.In the specific case of osteoarthritis patients, this technology offers the possibility of creating customized solutions, from the production of personalized implants to the development of living tissue substitutes. This is precisely the aim […]

Application of 3D printing technology in personalised therapies

3D printing technology consists in printing products layer by layer, depositing the materials according to the digital model designed by the computer design software. One of the characteristics of this technique is its precision, allowing the personalisation of the final product. In the medical sector, the application of this technology is very advantageous not only […]

Understanding the perspectives and needs of the patient with Achilles tendinopathy is essential to assess the appropriate treatment

The scientific journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders publishes in December 2022 a study on musculoskeletal pathologies that includes the first systematic review focused on the quality of life of patients with Achilles tendinopathy (Verges J., Martínez N., Pascual A. et al. Psychosocial and individual factors affecting Quality of Life (QoL) in patients suffering from Achilles tendinopathy: […]

Biomaterials and regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine has meant an important change in the way of approaching medical interventions since it is not only capable of healing an ailment but can also return the affected area to conditions prior to the damage. The multidisciplinary work of doctors, scientists, biomedical engineers and biologists is making it possible to understand the complex […]

How to cure a tendinopathy? Diagnosis and treatment

Some factors such as the difficulty of directly observing a tendinopathy complicate the patient’s recovery process. Today there are two alternatives offered by medicine to be able to know in detail what happens inside an injury. On the one hand, there is medical imaging technology, with tests such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or ultrasound […]

TriAnkle: personalized regenerative medicine

An article published on the Barça Innovation Hub website highlights the importance of having different medical solutions to be able to respond to the specific needs of each patient with an ankle injury. Although today there is a trend towards surgery, the age and physical condition of the patient are decisive. For a young, athletic […]

Barça Innovation Hub website includes an article about TriAnkle

“Triankle project: 3D printing of personalized implants for tendons and cartilages in ankle injuries” is the headline with which Barça Innovation Hub presents the European Project TriAnkle in an article published on its website. The writing explains how with collagen and gelatin can be manufactured, through 3D printing, personalized implants that solve the regenerative needs […]

The scientific publication Apunts Sports Medicine includes an article about TriAnkle

Apunts Sports Medicine, a scientific journal dedicated to sports medicine, has published an article about the TriAnkle project. Its author Dr. Lluis Quintana, Corporate Manager Viscofan BioEngineering, presents TriAnkle as an innovative medical application that aims to improve the junctions and cartilages (and therefore, the overall movement) of the ankle by introducing a tailored, 3D […]