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Presentation of TriAnkle at the Freiberg Collagen Symposium

Presentation of TriANkle at the Freiberg Collagen Symposium

Dr. Lluis Quintana, Corporate Manager Viscofan BioEngineering, presents the TriAnkle project at the seventh edition of the Freiberg Collagen Symposium, on September 30th.

The Freiberg Collagen Symposium, held every four years in this German city, is a benchmark for experts and professionals in the field of research and the collagen industry. It is an unmissable event that allows them to exchange ideas and knowledge about this protein, its properties and its new uses.

In this context, Dr. Lluis Quintana explains what the TriAnkle project is about as a collagen-based regenerative therapy for patients with osteoarticular diseases.

Among other interventions, three scientists highly knowledgeable about collagen research participate providing information about their fields of scientific work:

– Dr. Thomas Scheibel, professor at the University of Bayreuth (Germany) who holds a full chair of Biomaterials in the Faculty of Engineering Sciences. His participation is focused on bioinspired collagen processing and novel biomaterials applications.

– Dr. Ruth E. Cameron, professor at the University of Cambridge, (UK) and Director of the Cambridge Medical Materials Centre. Her talk is about collagen structures for regenerative medicine.

– Dr. Michael Raghunath, professor at the University of Applied Sciences of Zurich and Director of the Center for Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering. His lecture is focused on extracellular matrix in vivo and how to get cultured cells to build it.


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