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‘Teknopolis’ broadcasts a report about the TriAnkle project

The scientific and technological dissemination program of EITB ‘Teknopolis’ broadcasts in October a report about the European project TriAnkle.

In the video, the researchers José Luis Pedraz and Laura Sáenz del Burgo, from the Area of Training and Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU), explain what the work of Nanobiocel, a research group of the Faculty of Pharmacy of UPV-EHU, consists in within this European project that they develop in collaboration with 11 partners.

Nanobiocel investigates how to introduce growth particles into scaffolds or structures that are going to be implanted in lesions as treatment. “What we exactly do in the TriAnkle project is apply our knowledge in nanotechnology to improve scaffolds and structures oriented to tissue regeneration,” says Pedraz.

Lluis Quintana, coordinator of TriAnkle and director of the Bioengineering Unit of Viscofan, a company that provides the collagen that is the material on which the project is developed, and Jesús Izco, head of Bioproduct Development at the company, detail the benefits of applying collagen to regenerative medicine as a therapeutic material. “We are trying to develop ways so that through these fibers that collagen forms we can get materials that are fluid enough to make 3D scaffolds,” explains Quintana.


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