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Presentation of the TriAnkle project at GESMUTE

The TriAnkle project was presented in May at the fourth edition of the annual congress of the Muscle-Tendon System Study Group (GESMUTE), an online meeting that gathers the latest advances of expert groups in skeletal muscle and tendon pathologies in Spain.

The meeting addressed different topics related to muscle-tendon injuries, especially in sports practice, such as prevention, early and more accurate diagnosis, and treatment with greater precision and less interventionism to achieve an earlier recovery with fewer complications and prevention of relapses.

In this context, it took place the presentation of the TriAnkle project in a talk led by Dr. Mario Marotta, Head of the Regenerative Medicine Area (Department of Health & Biomedicine) at LEITAT Technological Center, and moderated by Dr. Gil Rodas, member of Football Club Barcelona Medical Services (FCB) and head of the Sports Medicine Department at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (FCRB).

The aforementioned talk was entitled “Muscle precursor cells enhance functional muscle recovery and show synergistic effects with postinjury treadmill exercise in a muscle injury“. In the talk, it was also mentioned the lines of research in muscle and tendon of the team of Dr. Mario Marotta in collaboration with Dr. Gil Rodas.

TriAnkle was presented as a new European project whose purpose is the research and development of new treatments for cartilage and tendon injuries in the ankle. Dr. Mario Marotta explained that “the objective of the project is to develop personalized bioprinted 3D scaffolds for tissue regeneration of the ankle joint, as well as their preclinical validation by conducting in vivo tests in large animal models that mimic human pathologies of Achilles tendon injuries“. These trials are being developed in a collaborative environment between the teams of Dr. Mario Marotta and Dr. Gil Rodas.

This annual congress is organized by GESMUTE, under the auspices and having as its parent scientific society the Spanish Society of Sports Traumatology (SETRADE) and other societies such as the Spanish Society of Sports Medicine (SEMED), the Spanish Association of Football Team Doctors (AEMEF), the Spanish Association of Basketball Doctors (AEMB) or the Barça Innovation Hub, and it also has the support of health institutions such as the CEMTRO Clinic, a FIFA medical center of excellence.


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