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TriAnkle, at the Articulating Sport Symposium

The European project TriAnkle is presented at the second edition of the Symposium Articulating Sport held from March 9th to 11th at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee in Madrid.

This medical-sports meeting, which is organized by the Osteoarthritis Foundation International (OAFI), with the collaboration of the Medical Services and the Atlético de Madrid Foundation and the Spanish Olympic Committee, is dedicated to good sports practice and joint health.

The wear and tear of the joints and injuries are the main causes of osteoarthritis, a disease that can appear at an early age due to the intense practice of sport and the lack of knowledge on how to prevent and treat it.

Another common scenario occurs when athletes push their bodies to the limit to improve their performance. As a result of this, cases of musculoskeletal disorders increase, among which joint injuries stand out: chondromalacia, patellar or femoropatelar, osteoporosis, pain, chronic and acute inflammation, among others.

The Symposium Articulating Sport was born from this need to disseminate the importance of taking care of our joints in order to enjoy a full and active life.

In this context, on March 10 th, Dr. Lluis Quintana, Corporate Director of Viscofan BioEngineering, and Aina Pascual, Head of the Science, Research and Innovation Area of the OAFI Foundation, present TriAnkle in an intervention moderated by Dr. Josep Vergés, President and CEO of the OAFI Foundation. “The TriAnkle project aims to create bioprinted implants, based on collagen and gelatin, to regenerate the affected area. In this way, it will be possible to increase between 10-15% the recovery ratios of the functionality of the ankle joints and reduce the recovery time and the associated health costs by up to 50%“, explains Pascual.


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