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TriAnkle, at the n-TRACK open day workshop 2022

On March 14th the European project n-TRACK organized a conference on NanoImaging of stem cells – advances and applications. An interesting session to know more about the partners that collaborate on the project, the technologies related to nanomaterials in biomedical applications that are being developed, as well as the results of the project.
Among n-TRACK’s partners are Leitat and Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology LTD, two companies that are also part of the TriAnkle consortium. In this context Mario Marotta, Head of the Regenerative Medicine Area of Leitat, took advantage of the opportunity to present TriAnkle as a project whose objective is to develop personalized scaffolds based on collagen and gelatin manufactured with 3D technology. These innovative scaffolds are perfect for patients with tendinopathies such as partial ruptures of the Achilles tendon and cartilage injuries.


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