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Regulatory seminar on advanced additive manufacturing solutions for healthcare applications

On June 21st, 2022, Viscofan Bioengineering organized a regulatory seminar on advanced additive manufacturing solutions for healthcare applications. The participating European projects were: Admaiora, Brave, Giotto, Inkplant and Triankle.

The seminar dealt with the fundamentals and main regulatory frameworks relevant to new developments using 3D printing technologies: from personalized medical devices to combine advanced therapies (ATMPs).

Experts in the different regulatory frameworks helped researchers from active EU projects present there to understand the regulatory challenges behind each type of solution and also shared key lessons learned from past experiences. Among the expert speakers were:

Zaklina Buljovcic, main consultant, Biopharma Excellence by Pharmalex.
Maxime Dal Palu, technical leader, Additive Manufacturing, by Stryker.
Yasser El-Sherbini, senior consultant, Biopharma Excellence by Pharmalex.
Carmen Escobedo, principal investigator visiting at Wyss Institute Harvard. Academy of Finland Research Fellow University of Helsinki.
Christopher Mann, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Director by Asphalion.
Elena Meurer, main consultant, Biopharma Excellence by Pharmalex.
Gregor Reischle, consultant, former manager of Additive Manufacturing unit TÜV Süd.
Marcos Timón, Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS).

The event, held at the Hotel Catalonia, located in the heart of Madrid (Spain), was extraordinarily well received. About a hundred attendees followed the seminar either in person or online.

Dr. Lluis Quintana, organizer of the event and Corporate Director of Viscofan BioEngineering, took the opportunity to thank the European Commission for its support for the seminar.


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