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6th International Congress of Osteoarthritis Patients: “Move against osteoarthritis”

The Axa auditorium in Barcelona hosted last October the 6th International Congress of Patients with Osteoarthritis, organized by Osteoarthritis Foundation Interational (OAFI).
The event was based on an extensive program full of conferences, master classes and practical workshops around the slogan “Move against osteoarthritis”.
One of the round tables discussion of the congress focused on the European project TriAnkle, 3D bioprinting of collagen scaffolds in patients with tendinopathies. Nina Martínez, Head of Research and Development at OAFI and Dr. Gil Rodas, medical manager of Barça Innovation Hub, were in charge of presenting TriAnkle to an audience that included experts in joint health and patients with various pathologies related to osteoarthritis.

 If you want to see the complete video of the speech of Nina Martínez and Dr. Gil Rodas, please, click here.


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