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TriAnkle, in 3D Printing & Design magazine

The digital publication 3D Printing & Design includes in its 22nd issue an article with the latest advances of the European project TriAnkle.

With 3,000 subscribed users, 3D Printing & Design has already become a digital publication of reference in the field of additive manufacturing. Among its pages, you can read articles related to the latest applications of 3D printing in the fields of automotive and aeronautics; commerce and industry; and health and medicine.

In this context, the publication devotes 3 pages to report on the TriAnkle project and its contribution to the development of 3D printing technology in the field of biomedicine, a technology that is bringing about a scientific revolution, allowing test scaffolds to be made in hours, printing structures without joints or seams and even printing tissues using cells. In the TriAnkle project, this technology is used in regenerative therapies with collagen to improve the quality of life of patients with tendinopathies.

 If you want to read the complete article, please, click here.


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