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Cambridge Independent publishes article on TriAnkle project

The Cambridge Independent online newspaper has published an article explaining the benefits of the European TriAnkle project as a regenerative therapy to improve the quality of life of patients with tendinopathies. The collaborative research project is developing customised 3D bioprinted implants based on collagen and gelatine that can heal cartilage injuries and tendon ruptures.

On January 23rd, Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology, one of the 12 partners in the TriAnkle Consortium, will host an Open Exploitation and Innovations Workshop in Cambridge to bring together healthcare professionals from private and public organisations, as well as professionals from regulatory and patent policy-making organisations to exchange knowledge on the development of 3D bioprinting and technologies in regenerative medicine. The latest developments of the TriAnkle project will be presented at this event. If you want to participate in this event, please, register here.

If you want to read the complete article, please, click here.


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