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TriAnkle, at the Articulating Sport 2024 Congress

The headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee hosted the Articulating Sport Congress at the beginning of March. 

Organised by the Osteoarthritis Foundation International (OAFI), together with the Medical Services and the Atlético de Madrid Foundation and the Spanish Olympic Committee, the fourth edition of #ARTICULANDO24 was dedicated to amateur and professional sport, with the aim of ensuring that the practice of physical exercise is carried out in optimal physical conditions.

Some of the best experts in sports medicine in Spain gathered at the home of sport to share the keys to a full, active and sporty life.

Nina Martínez, head of R&D at the OAFI Foundation, and Dr. Gil Rodas, medical director of the Barça Innovation Hub, explained what the European TriAnkle project consists of and how it can help patients with tendinopathies. Among its advantages over conventional treatments for treating Achilles tendon disorders, they highlighted that, as it is a regenerative therapy, it is less invasive for the patient; it reduces recovery times and economic costs for health systems. Both professionals also explained the latest developments in this revolutionary treatment that uses 3D bioprinting technology to personalise the collagen implants that are subsequently implanted in the patient.


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