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Presentation of TriAnkle at the Additive Production Technology Users Forum organised by the Fraunhofer Institute

On April 17th, Dr. Lluis Quintana, Corporate Director of Viscofan BioEngineering and coordinator of the European project TriAnkle, participated in the 25th Additive Manufacturing Technology User Forum organised by the Fraunhofer Institute.

His participation in this meeting focused on the use of collagen bioinks for additive 3D printing of tissue models. Viscofan develops the bio-based ink Fibercoll-Flex®-N which, unlike other collagen gels for 3D printing, does not require stabilisation with methacrylate or UV curing. The printed models are therefore particularly biocompatible and offer optimal conditions for cell adhesion and growth. As an innovative printing material for the production of tissue models, Fibercoll-Flex® collagen inks have great potential for new applications in regenerative medicine.

In this context, Dr. Lluis Quintana also had the opportunity to present the TriAnkle project as an example of the use of collagen as a biomaterial in the treatment of damaged tissue. ‘Collagen gel plays an important role as an “ink” in the development of 3D printing processes in biomedicine for the production of matrices and tissue models, as this protein can be easily adapted to different applications,” explained Dr. Lluis Quintana.

Please, click here to see a summary of Dr. Lluis Quintana’s presentation.


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