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Fraunhofer IGB and Cellink organise a workshop on extrusion 3D bioprinting for healthcare applications

The Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB and Cellink, a leading company in advancing bioprinting and 3D cell culture, organised a workshop on 14th May entitled “Extrusion 3D bioprinting for healthcare applications“.

The session started with presentations from different experts on printing technologies and material development.

Dr. Achim Weber, deputy head of the Innovation Field Functional Surfaces and Materials of Fraunhofer Institute, focused on the latest advances in personalised medicine and explained the objectives of the European project TriAnkle. This project aims to develop innovative solutions for the regeneration of cartilage, bones and tendons using 3D bioprinting. By combining advanced biomaterials, personalised data and precise bioprinting techniques, TriAnkle aims to improve treatment options for patients, leading to more efficient and less invasive medical practices.

Isabelle Schmidt, NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute from The University of Tübingen, spoke about the challenges and opportunities of standardising 3D bioprinting technology.

Cellink was represented by Senior Biomaterial Engineer Volodymyr Kuzmenko, who explained the most advanced applications of these bioinks. “These are crucial for cultivating human cells in a hydrogel environment that mimics native tissue. Applications range from drug testing and cosmetic product testing to research on disease progression,” he explained.

After lunch, the 30 workshop attendees had the opportunity to visit the IGB lab and participate in a hands-on training session to learn about the applications of 3D bioprinting technology. They learned how to optimise printing parameters, how to handle various bioinks and how to model complex biological structures.


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